Code-first GraphQL server framework and SDK for .NET

Get started quickly

Create a GraphQL API with ease by using C# classes an interfaces to model your schema.

Be prepared to scale

Continue to leverage the powerful C#→GraphQL conventions as you build and evolve your API—paying dividends as your API grows by eliminating unnecessary configuration.

Customize when needed

Use attributes to document and customize your GraphQL schema, overriding conventions if needed.

Have complete control

Harness the schema builder API to customize any aspect of the schema, including the ability to override items configured by convention or custom attributes.



  • Individuals/Hobbyists
  • Community Support
  • Community License

Free for non-commercial use


  • Up to 10 developers
  • 1 GraphQL API
  • Dedicated support
  • Commercial license

$950 per year Buy Now


  • Unlimited developers
  • Unlimited endpoints
  • Dedicated support
  • Commercial license

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What am I buying with the team and enterprise editions?

Both the team and enterprise editions allow for use within closed-source commercial applications and services via a commercial license and include dedicated private email support.

Team or Enterprise edition?

For teams of up to 10 developers building a single GraphQL API, the team edition is the right choice. If you have more developers or are building more than a single GraphQL API, contact to determine a plan that will fit your needs.

What is the buying process?

Contact and we will be in touch to understand your licensing needs and set you up on a plan that is right for you.

How can I use the Community Edition?

Unless you purchased the team or enterprise edition, all use is governed by the community license. It does not allow use in closed-source applications or services.

Additional questions?

We're happy to answer any questions you may have, please contact us.